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Welcome to our Shop and Save section, where you can discover affordably priced, top-quality used appliances for sale. We help you turn the ordinary household chore of appliance and furniture shopping into an opportunity for community aid. Each purchase made from the Angela’s House Home Store aids in our mission to offer tangible support to our fellow community members.

Where can I Donate My Used Appliances?

Ever wondered, “Where can I donate my used appliances?” The answer is right here at Angela’s House Home Store in Long Island. We’re also your destination for finding the gently-used and refurbished appliances that you need. Whether you’re shopping or donating, you can be confident that your actions have a bigger purpose.

Top Quality Used Appliances for Sale

Our selection of used appliances for sale ranges from kitchen mainstays like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers to laundry essentials such as washers and dryers. Rest assured that every item is meticulously inspected for quality and safety, thus providing you with nothing short of the best for an unbeatable price.

Choosing to purchase used appliances in Long Island from our inventory of donated goods not only makes sense from an economic standpoint, but it also helps promote sustainability and provide much-needed assistance to families with medically fragile and chronically ill children. This cause is vital, and your participation is admirable.

Discover Unbeatable Used Appliance Deals at Angela’s Home Store Today

Explore our outstanding array of used appliances for sale today right here in our Shop and Save tab. Discover how quality and affordability meet, creating an unrivaled shopping experience that also does good for the world around you. Here at Angela’s House Home Store, every purchase is a pledge to more community support on Long Island.