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#SomethingNewEveryDay Contest

WIN A $50 GIFT VOUCHER to the Angela’s House Home Store! We love seeing how our customers transform and/or integrate their Angela’s House Home Store finds into their homes, businesses, offices, etc.! WINNER selected once a month!

Rules & How To Enter, you: – must be following our Instagram pages @angelashousehomestore & @angelashouseli, – must be following and like our Facebook pages Angela’s House Home Store & Angela’s House, – must post a photo of the item you bought from the Angela’s House Home Store on Facebook and/or Instagram, – must make sure to tag our Facebook / IG page @angelashousehomestore in the photo AND caption section, – must make sure to include the hashtag #SomethingNewEveryDay in your caption.

Note: You have a greater chance in winning the Angela’s House Home Store gift card if you post multiple photos at different times throughout the month. Only 1person per month will be selected to win the $50 gift voucher.

Conditions apply: – If posting on Instagram, your profile must be public. – If posting on Facebook, your post must be public. – Facebook and Instagram stories do not qualify. – Winner must pick up the certificate at the Angela’s House Home Store during normal business hours. – Gift voucher is transferable, however winner must be the one to pick up or provide the name of the person picking up certificate.

Winner will be selected at the end of each month and announced in a social media post featuring their photo. Angela’s House Home Store will also message the winner via social media. Winner has 3 days to respond, or another person will be selected. Winner has 3 weeks to pick-up their voucher and 60 days from obtaining the gift voucher to redeem & use it or it will expire.

We’d love to take a photo, from 6 feet apart! We ask that the winner take a photo with some of our staff (socially distanced) when claiming the gift voucher at the Angela’s House Home Store!

Last Months Winner